Monday, June 2, 2008


$14.64, this is what I'm paid per hour at work. Up until a few weeks ago I was fine with getting meager wages as long as it I was getting my education now though I'm looking at what $14.64 can get and really in these days it's not alot. First off taxes take all the taxes out and I'm looking at $10.07 if I wanted to go on a date you couldn't even supersize at McDonalds with this, so for dinner and a movie I'd have to work for an entire day's salary, and still we'd be eating out of a styrafoam box. I know that the education is a good thing, but I don't think that I can hold out on this life, I really need to be making at least $17.50 to be, while not comfortable, safe feeling. Living in DC at this salary is a sometimes scary proposition right now I have to budget fuckin toilet paper, the next package of T.P. will be divded by 10 days (when payday hits) and taken out of my daily food budget which at present stands at (get the trumpets ready) $27.37. That's a helluva lot for one person, until you start to think that geez the phone bill has to get paid that's a big one then it drops to $21.92 then what about entertainment say that I go out for a night and spend $40 then i'm at $18.28, I really need some shorts for Summer after two pairs of shorts on sale from Target I'm at $15.55 crap I need TP I forgot, and while I'm at the CVS I need razors and shave gel and paper towels this brings my daily meals to $13.73. $13.73 Oh well, at least I just have to work 57 mins. for food.

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